Coaches, Consultants, Experts - Appointment Funnel Digital Media Team in a Box:

  • 2K (Does not include advertising budget)
  • Conversion – Focused Facebook, Google or Geofencing Ad
  • Specifically designed to generate awareness or leads
  • Instagram Posts and Engagement & Boosting – Not adds
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • IT Support up to 4hrs a month
  • Coaching/Consulting up to 4hrs a month
  • Ad Creative & Messaging Development
  • One of two campaign options for the month: IE Awareness or Appointments 
  • Link all Social Media Platforms for promotions and retargeting
  • A/B Split testing of ad creatives
  • Development of one landing page/sales funnel conversions Ad Budgets up $2,000/month
  • Ad Budgets over $5,000/month include
  • Everything from Above
  • Email Drip Campaign & Re marketing Strategy
  • Landing Page A/B Split Testing



  • *We recommend to see any results that you start at 1k or more on advertisement. Clients must have separate card for advertisement budget or send everything to use. *Budget over 20k with a management fee on top or the average 30% taken from the ad spend for the management fee*